5 Ways To Make Technology Work For You


Numerous tech studies link workplace wellness with improved employee performance, happiness on the job and an individual’s commitment toward organizational goals.

Companies should be applauded on their innovation and efforts toward making wellness in the work environment a priority, but it’s not all up to your employer.

What actions and decisions are you taking to contribute to your wellness at work?

The growing health tech arena can be incredibly resourceful and add value to industry-wide employer workplace programs. Here are a few tips to consider to make existing wellness programs even better:

1. Mind Your Business

If you were asked to identify three elements of your employer’s wellness program, could you? Most employees are unaware that many companies have internal health campaigns and initiatives designed to improve the overall wellness of their employees, which incorporate good health tech elements. Get busy and find out what your employer has to offer, and take advantage of what should add value to your overall health.

2. Make Wearable Tech Work For You

Wearables are game-changers that have diversified our ability to keep track of fitness goals and health regimes. Devices can be easily worn on the job, with little to no interference in the workplace. Take good time and research the many options, which include stress level monitoring, cardio trackers, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring.

3. How Appy Are You?

I am astounded by the growing number of free fitness and health applications (apps); they seem to multiplying daily. If you haven’t used your smartphone to download one or two apps that are linked to wellness, you are cheating yourself.

4. No Smartphone?

No worries. If you don’t have a smartphone to download an app, consider using some type of alarm to trigger you to get up from your desk or workstation, move away from your computer and take a walk. Studies show that these types of small changes in the course of your day can be productivity-boosters and enhance performance.

5. Winning Works.

Admittedly, I like competing, and just the right amount of competition has been identified as a key element in fostering a person’s mental wellbeing. There are myriad ways to use health technology to enhance employee collaboration and competition. Go beyond the standard staff football or sporting team, and create innovative challenges using group apps and shared data. Competitive energy through informal engagement often leads to valuable competitive energy on the job.