AirAsia Pilot Fails Drug Test


AirAsia Indonesia suspended a pilot on Thursday after he failed a drug test. The drug test was a random one conducted by the airline following the death of 162 people on one of its planes after it crashed into the Java Sea.

Sunu Widyatmoko who is president of AirAsia Indonesia confirmed the media reports that a pilot had been suspended after a random preliminary drug test. The test was conducted on 42 airline crew members and only one tested positive.The pilot whose name has not yet been disclosed at this stage is said to have tested positive for morphine after flying from Jakarta to Bali.

Further investigations and more detailed tests are being conducted. The pilot for AirAsia Indonesia is however not permitted to fly pending the outcome of the investigations. An interview with the pilot showed that he had just come out of hospital. The pilot is also said to be consuming Actified which is medication for cough and flu. Authorities admit that this medication could create a false alarm.

The pilot is said to be a senior captain who has worked for the airline for nine years. Sunu says he hopes the further tests that will be conducted will be negative.

In the meantime sixteen bodies have been recovered from the wreckage. More sonar equipment and metal detectors have been deployed and rescuers hope that if the fuselage is still intact will be containing the remains of the passengers and crew still missing.