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Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans – We do not always have cash to deal with emergencies or pay for unexpected expenses. To cross the bridge when you need some extra cash do it with Bridge loans.Bridge provides a platform for making short-term loans more accessible.

Bridge Loans is there for you when you require a small personal loan. Bridge has different products that you can choose from depending with the amount you need repayment period.

Bridge Loans Products

1- AdvanceOne – Maximum amount of R7,100 and repayable period is 1 month

2- AdvanceFour – Maximum amount of R7,100 and repayable period is 4 months

3- AdvanceSix – Maximum amount of R7100 and repayable period is 6 months

4- AdvanceTwelve – Maximum amount of R15,000 and repayable period is 12 months

5- TopUp – This is available to existing Bridge loan clients when additional credit is extended to you on an existing loan.


  1. Valid ID Document
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older
  3. Applicants must not be under debt review
  4. You must have a permanent job with proof of income
  5. A valid bank account

If you need a personal loan Bridge is there for you because their core business is retail and unsecured lending. They have a dedicated telesales call centre that focuses on client retention and repeat business so you can be assured of quality service when dealing with them.

With online application available you don’t have to visit a branch if you do not wish to do so. This will also make sure that you get your money without having to stand in queues in a simple, easy and convenient manner.

For more information visit the Bridge loans website on or alternatively call them 086 111 2044.