Bridgeton Shooting – Footage Shows Cop Fatally Shooting Suspect

Bridgeton Shooting

Dash cam footage has been released by the Bridgeton Police Department of the Bridgeton shooting where Jerame Reid was shot and killed by Bridgeton Police Officers.

The footage which was released on Tuesday shows two police officers on December 30 2014 stopping a car. It seems one of the police officers spotted a gun in the glove compartment which led to the situation getting out of control. The officers are seen ordering the guys in the car not to move although Jerame Reid is seen moving out of the car with his hands raised leading to the shooting. The Bridgeton Police officers identified as Braheme Days and Roger Worley fired a rough total of nine shots, killing Reid.

Jerame Reid the man shot by the Police officers had previously spent 13 years in state prison for shooting at three New Jersey State Police troopers when he was a teenager. Reid seemed to have been always on the wrong side of the law as he has recently been arrested for obstruction, resisting arrest and possession of narcotics.

Bridgeton Shooting Jerame Reid

Jerame Reid the man Shot and Killed By 2 Bridgeton Police Officers


Both officers involved in the Bridgeton shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave whilst investigations are being carried out into the shooting incident.

The dash cam footage of the Bridgeton shooting was released after an Open Public Records Request made by the South Jersey Times.

Watch the Footage below.