You can’t name your child Messi in Rosario, Argentina


If you leave in Rosario, Argentina and was hoping to name your child Messi, it is too late for that as a ban has been put in place.

Spanish publication Marca said that no newborns can be given the name Messi as first name anymore. The director of the Civil Register of the Santa Fe province, Gonzalo Carrillo, stated that the reason it is now prohibited is that it is a surname and should therefore stay that way.

Rosario is Lionel Messi’s home city and because of the soccer star’s accomplishments on the soccer pitch, it has been put on the map.

This law is understandable as a surname should be kept a surname but at the same time it’s going to be tough for the authorities stopping parents from naming their children Messi. Generally parents have the right to name their children whatever they want to. Some African Americans name their children after the names of African countries. You will find Kenya’s and Rwanda’s in the USA. Should these also be banned as they are name of countries?

Authorities in Rosario, Argentina need to find better things to do rather than coming up and trying to impose a silly law. Let parents name their children Messi if it is what they want to.