Drunk Guys Beaten By Irish Bouncer

Irish Bouncer

Two guy were taught a lesson by an Irish bouncer after they had decided to take on him. I guess when they decided to take on the bouncer they thought that he was just one man and what could he do to the two of them. Well they regretted ever engaging the bouncer as the Irish bouncer went into beast mode and showed why he has been hired as a bouncer.

The footage doing the rounds shows the bouncer refusing the two guys entry into a bar in Dublin. The guys had clearly drunk one too much. After being denied entry they thought it was a good idea to try and take on the bouncer. Others are saying the doorman took it too far whilst others are saying he has no option but to defend himself. The manager of the bar is reported as commending the bouncer whom he referred to as a polite family man. She said he was just doing his job and had to defend himself.

Watch the footage and you can be the judge.