FNB Smart Bond

FNB Smart Bond

FNB Smart Bond. – Get smart by getting a FNB Smart Bond to buy a new or existing house or renovate a property. The FNB Smart Bond is available to South African citizens formally employed for an uninterrupted 12 month period and interested in buying a house of not more than R600,000.

Individuals who apply for the FNB Smart Bond must be earning a minimum gross monthly income of R3,500 and a maximum of R25,000 to qualify. For those wishing to do a joint application, each applicant should not earn a gross income of more than R25,000.

Getting a FNB Smart Bond is the smart choice to make because you get 100% bond finance with no deposit required. You also get a free comprehensive home-ownership programme. This educational programme deals with key issues relating to being a responsible first time home-owner. This will be completed online through e-Learning.

You get to benefit from the option of fixing the interest rate for a 5-year period.

Smart Bond also offers you an opportunity to buy into approved housing developments nationwide.

Make sure you are fully aware of the costs involved in getting your smart bond. These costs you can get them directly from the FNB website.

We live in an unpredictable world and you are encouraged to make sure you are covered. You need to make sure your property is covered from the day you take ownership. You can do this by either taking Life insurance or home owners cover.

Before you make the decision on how to finance your property, you need to understand the options available. You can then choose the option that meets your needs. The options available include Smart Bond Future Choice, Further Bond and Smart Bond Readvance.

Requirements To Apply For The FNB Smart Bond

  1. South African ID
  2. Minimum of 12 months in current or previous employment
  3. Latest Payslip
  4. 3 months bank statements if not banking with FNB
  5. Property Details (Duly signed offer to purchase)
  6. For Joint applications – dual documents are required

To apply for the FNB Smart Bond you can visit the FNB website and complete the call me back form or you can visit your nearest branch or alternatively call them on 087 736 6000.