How To Get A Bigger Salary

Bigger Salary

Tough economic conditions always leave us desiring to get a bigger salary. A question arises though and it is: Is there a secret to a bigger salary? Whilst other would consider them secrets I would like to believe that these are really great pointers that can help you get the big salary you think you deserve.

Get more education

Having to sit back on a desk can be daunting to a lot of people. Some are also under the impression that you have to quit your job to get back to studying. It is not the case that you have to quit your job as there are plenty of institutions that offer part-time classes including evening classes. I have to admit it is not easy when you combine work and school but if you manage to do it you can be sure that you efforts will certainly be rewarded. The studying more you can add more value to yourself and your employer and this can help you in negotiating for a bigger salary.

Keep up to date with industry events

This involves reading and keeping up to date with what is happening in the industry you work for. Information can be obtained from the internet or from local newspapers. If there is a downward trend it might be time to switch industries. This will involve the point above where you might need to take a course to switch industries.  Staying in an industry which has some growth will help you towards getting that big salary.


Do other things on the side if time permits you to do so. A lot of professionals supplement their income by freelancing and you can do the same. Perhaps you are a bookkeeper and you could do someone else’s books on the side provided it doesn’t violate you agreement with your full time employer. You could also look for online jobs on sites such as O Desk.

Work Hard

At you present job make sure you work hard and do your job properly. You cannot expect to be rewarded for not doing any work. When you are given an assignment make sure you take it seriously and if there are any deadlines make sure you meet those deadlines. If your employers is one who appreciates hard work they will reward you and might promote you and this will come with a bigger salary.  In short be a professional.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Never under estimate the value of negotiation. When you are offered a new job there is nothing wrong with negotiation for a good salary. Just be realistic though in the negotiation. Ask for a salary that can be justified by your qualifications and work experience.