Get One Plan Health Insurance

One Plan Health Insurance

One Plan Health Insurance – No one ever wishes to be hospitalized but unfortunately sometimes it happens. With medical aid so expensive these days one could think there is no way out. If you cannot afford medical aid why not take the One Plan health insurance. Health insurance is not a medical aid scheme but you could get sufficient health cover for affordable rates. One Plan health insurance provides you with healthcare from just R265 per month.

One Plan health insurance will cover things such as doctors, medication, radiology, pathology, ambulance, hospital, 24 hour emergency cover and HIV cover. Health insurance is risk cover for unforeseen events according to cover limits but with the list of things covered it is certainly worth taking if you cannot afford medical aid. If disaster strikes you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be well taken care of.

When applying for One Plan health insurance you get to choose between Hospital & Health Care and Health Care Cover.

Hospital & Health Care

  1. Core – From R265 / month
  2. Blue – From R485 / month
  3. Professional – From R620 / month
  4. Executive – From R780 / month
  5. Elite – From R995 / month
  6. Premier – From R1 240 / month

Health Care Cover

  1. Health – From 280 / month

** Prices were valid at time of publishing. The prices could vary depending on One Plan’s price changes.

To sign up you can easily complete the process online and One Plan will waiver your R150 administration fee. For more information on the plans visit their website or call them on 010 001 0141