Kenny Kunene Shot At While Driving In Johannesburg

Kenny Kunene

Well-known businessman and socialite Kenny Kunene has allegedly been shot at while driving a car in Johannesburg.

Police are investigating the shooting incident involving the businessman Kenny Kunene on Tuesday evening, Gauteng Police said.

Kenny Kunene was travelling in the Norwood area in Johannesburg when the shooting incident allegedly occurred.

Several bullets were allegedly fired at the car, many of which left visible damage on a blue BMW. Kunene was travelling with a female passenger. No one was injured.

Sunday Independent editor Steve Motale told News24 he was with Kunene at the police station to report the incident. He could not be reached for comment again later.

Kunene was by Motale’s side in court on Saturday when Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa brought an urgent application to stop the Sunday Independent from publishing a story about alleged extra-marital affairs. His application was unsuccessful.

Kenny Kunene says he is lucky to be alive after the shooting.

Kunene said prior to the shooting he was with his friend, Sunday Independent editor Steve Motale, when Motale’s bodyguard advised them not to drive together.

In an interview with ANN7 on Tuesday night, Kunene said he was aware a car was following him, but brushed it off.

“I could see there was a car following us but I didn’t think so ’cause of the lights. An SUV, (a) white one, it tried to press me to hit the pavement. I hit the brakes. They passed me. As they stopped in front of me they opened the doors, took out the gun, cocked their gun and I was facing death. I reversed and they started shooting at the car.”

Kunene has slammed police who he claims arrived at the scene and left without taking any of the bullet casings.

“They all came there and left. They didn’t even try to find out where we were.”

Kunene claims he reversed into a residential area where a security guard allowed him to enter the boomed-off suburb in an attempt to get help.