Nedbank ATMs

Nedbank ATMs

Nedbank ATMs  – Get cash whenever you need it with Nedbank ATMs. Nedbank is one of the biggest commercial banks in South Africa and they provide clients with a convenient way of getting cash through their ATMs.

You  an find Nedbank ATMs available at all Nedbank branches countrywide and at selected shopping malls, airports and petrol stations in South Africa.

It is recommended to do all transactions you can do on an ATM instead of using a bank teller. The reason is that it is cheaper to withdraw money from an ATM than from a bank teller for example.

What You Can Do At Nedbank ATMs

  • Make cash withdrawals (daily limits are set at branch)
  • Do inter-account transfers
  • Get accounts statements
  • Deposit cheques and cash
  • Order cheque book – for current account holders only

One of the benefits of Nedbank ATMs is that you can do banking at your own convenience.

Another benefit  is that you can do banking at whatever time you want to and you don’t have to be limited by branch opening hours.

If you are a Nedbank client Nedbank ATMs are free of saswitch fees. Nedbank encoded cards are accepted countrywide at ATMs of other institutions.

Those that are not Nedbank clients are also able to use these ATMs. There will however be subject to saswitch charges.

Make things happen today with a Nedbank ATM. For more details or to find an ATM near you visit the Nedbank website or you can call them on 0860 555 111.


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