The New Opel Adam Supermini

Opel Adam

The Opel Adam is finally in South Africa. The car named after the company’s founder Adam Opel is more than a car – it is a game changer! The brand new Opel Adam comes as a 3-door, 4 seater hatchback. This car is a more of a lifestyle car and an urban trend-setter.

Opel Adam will be launched in South Africa in three models namely the Adam, Adam Jam and Adam Glam. It has a fresh and powerful design with interior comfort that lets you kick back and relax. It has a floating roof which is a winner. The Opel Adam has a compact build which makes it great for city driving and squeezing into tight parking space.

Parking this car is not just easy but fun. With advanced Park Assist 2 the Opel Adam will not only find fitting parking space, but will also steer into the spot for you.

Of the 3 models of the Opel Adam there are two engines available. The Adam model’s engine is a 1.4 Ecotec four-cylinder making 74kW/130Nm. It has top speed of 185km/h and hits 100km/h in 11.5seconds. The Adam Jam and Adam Glam models have Opel’s latest one-litre turbocharged Ecoflex three-cylinder engine. The engine makes 85kW/170Nm with a top speed of 196km/h and hits 100km/h in 9.9 seconds.