Before Nhlanhla Nene Became Minister of Finance and Got Fired

Nhlanhla Nene

Everyone talks about how Nhlanhla Nene was fired by president Jacob Zuma and got replaced by little known David van Rooyen. We thought of taking you back in time before Nene became Finance Minister.

In 2008 he became an online hit after a 26-second clip of him falling from a chair during a television interview on SABC

The chair malfunction occurred while Nene was answering questions concerning Finance Minister Trevor Manuel’s mini-budget on the programme View from the House. On the video, the chair cracks audibly, causing Nene to wince, though he kept speaking. Twelve seconds after the cracking sound the chair failed catastrophically, causing Nhlanhla Nene to fall backwards, his hands grabbing at the desk as the chair collapsed beneath him.

Watch and enjoy!