Secret Baby Farm Discovered By Police In India

Baby Farm

A secret baby farm has allegedly been discovered by Police in India following a tip-off. It is reported that newborns were being sold and swapped at this baby farm. Reports from the police suggest that babies delivered at the private Palash Hospital on Gwailor district, Madhya Pradesh are from rapes or pre-marital relationships.

Reports from the Times of India stated that two babies had been rescued from the hospital following the tip-off of the illegal activities taking place. Although the two babies were rescued the Police believe other babies were sold before they became aware of the case.

The police also believe that parents could swap their baby with a child of their preferred gender at the hospital. Initial investigations have also revealed that if a girl approached the hospital for termination of pregnancy they would be convinced to keep the baby and promise a safe and secret delivery.

Further investigations are now being conducted by police to see if there are other similar cases in the region.