South Africa’s First Official Nudist Beach

Nudist Beach

South Africa’s first official nudist beach has been opened to the public! South Africa had been home to unofficial nude beaches for years such as Cape Town’s famous Sandy Bay. Mpenjati Beach which is located 140km south of Durban is now an official venue to bare it all. This Beach has been a popular strip-off spot for about 20 years.

The following rules apply if you wish to use the nudist beach

  1. No photographs may be taken unless everyone in the picture agrees to it being taken and sees it afterwards.
  2. Starring is not allowed.
  3. Sexual content of any kind is not allowed for example, dancing in a provocative manner or sitting on someone’s genitals.
  4. Rude comments are forbidden including racism, sexism, homophobia or sexual or erotic material.

Watch Video below!